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Taylor Irrigation has been featured in a half dozen magazines over the last six months.

Over the last six months Taylor Irrigation Service has been featured in more than a half dozen magazines as they continue to raise the bar for the entire irrigation industry within the Houston market.

The first article to appear was in Landscape Management magazine (published on line on December 3, 2013 and in print two weeks later) when Jonathan Katz wrote, “Three Keys to a Smarter Business Model” featuring Taylor Irrigation owner and president, John A. Taylor.  This article focused on the changing irrigation industry and marketing smart technology focusing on three keys; selling ROI, refocusing your client base, and not being afraid to ask for help or advise.  “Coming off of my EPA Partner of the Year Award I was very proud to be a part of spreading the word so as to help other irrigation and landscape companies make the necessary changes that provide healthier, more sustainable landscape environments while using significantly less water,” said Mr. Taylor.  “There is a lot of misinformation out there and change is always difficult.”

Then in January of 2014 Angie’s List Magazine featured Taylor Irrigation Service as the top landscape irrigation company in the Houston market.  The article, “Houston’s Best and Worst Contractors of 2013” praised Taylor Irrigation for its strong communication, water conservation and for the value that they consistently provide their customers.  “This feature meant a lot because we had been recognized for our education, knowledge and experience within the industry through our EPA and design awards but this feature focused on our commitment to our customers and to outstanding customer service,” said John, “And that means a lot to us.”

That same month, January of 2014, Taylor Irrigation’s John Taylor was featured in Lawn & Landscape magazine’s article by Kristen Hampshire, “The Water Smart Way.”  This article was one of a series entitled, “Champions of Innovation” sponsored by Hunter Industries.

Taylor Irrigation Service - Water Conservation

Taylor Irrigation president John Taylor was inspired by his daughter to make changes both large and small within his company. Those changes ultimately led to being named EPA Partner of the Year.

While TIS was featured in two other magazines in the coming months, it was the summer 2014 article in EPA WaterSense that meant the most to Mr. Taylor.  “Goodness,” he said, “Could a parent be any prouder or happier to see one of their children recognized in such a way?”  The article was a follow-up to John’s winning the EPA Partner of the Year Award the previous year.  This article, “Texas Tween Inspires Company to Go Green with Less Blue” featured the touching story about how his daughter, Dyllan, inspired change within his company.  “Of course my daughter was thrilled and that alone did it for me,” John gushed, “but to watch what a little recognition can do to a child that thinks outside of the box is a wonderful experience.”

It is plain to see that Taylor Irrigation Service is making its mark, within the Houston market, on a state and a national level, in 2014.  They are successfully changing irrigation systems, one system at a time, but they are also changing the way we think about landscape irrigation and the use of water.

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