Service Manager Joins TIS

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Brad Rippley will play an integral part in the growth and expansion of TIS.

TIS Services made an important hire recently when they secured the services of Brad Rippley to oversee their service division.  Mr. Rippley has considerable irrigation management experience as the former owner of the Irrigation Group of Houston.  He also has a background rooted in customer service from his time as a senior agent at USAA.

When asked about why he joined TIS, Rippley responded with, “I like the vision and mission of the company. Over time I have watched the focus of irrigation switch from getting plants wet and hoping that is enough to creating sustainable landscapes. Not many other companies out there are focused on sustainability and conservation, and even fewer see knowledge and education as a key part of these efforts; TIS understands all of these things.”

TIS is known as an industry leader in the areas of landscape sustainability and water conservation.  It is clear that this is very important to their new service manager as well.  Mr. Rippley added, “In the last ten years the irrigation industry has changed drastically. The industry is shifting slowly but steadily, and sometimes unwillingly, to the understanding that it needs to conserve water and create sustainability. The belief ten years ago seemed to be that water was a resource which would never become scarce and was always the cheapest and easiest answer to any ailment. Fast forward to today and we are looking at a looming water crisis unless steps are taken. Irrigation contractors can wait until an extinction level crisis arises within the industry or choose to become experts and ambassadors of water today.”

“It was a giant step forward for us bringing Brad on board,” President of TIS Services, John Taylor, said, “he’s got a great deal of experience, a college education, a great customer service background and he gets it!  Our service division is in great hands.”  Mr. Taylor went on to say, “Our company has grown so much since joining the Houston market and this hire was an important one in order to continue that growth without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction.  Many owners and contractors within our industry make the mistake of becoming one man shows, in terms of management, which can spread them so thin that growth becomes impossible without sacrificing quality and customer service which are the very things that put a company on top in the first place.  This hire will ensure that we do not fall into that trap.  I’m looking forward to working with Brad.”

Brad Rippley lives in the Tomball area with his wife and daughter.

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