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Taylor Irrigation Service, Inc unveils its new website on October 22, 2011.

Hinting that a new website was coming during an interview last month, Taylor Irrigation Service and owner John A. Taylor unveiled their new website on October 22, 2011.  The new website is part of what the owner described as, “A push to meet the needs of the greater Houston market by providing irrigation and landscape news, do-it-yourself articles and content that provides value to the entire community rather than just our client base.”

Looking through the site it is obvious that Mr. Taylor and his company are taking this new philosophy to heart and providing a plethora of new content for visitors.  The site opens with a number of scrolling picture-based news articles with a video tab that shows off one of their latest commercials.  A Twitter feed and the latest headlines from their eMagazine and news page are also seamlessly integrated here allowing the user to get all of the latest information in one central location.

The small post-it note on the main page is a charming way to show off a number of glowing reviews from existing Taylor Irrigation Service clients.  As described in last month’s Social Media article, there are all of the right social media links; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and an RSS feed for all of the social junkies.

There are of course all of the standard features like; contact us, about us, services, etc but the DIY content, which is still being uploaded as of the time this article is being published, appears to be something that will really help the homeowners of Houston to better understand irrigation, laws and code, water conservation, and the relationship between water, soil and plants.

What really sets the new site apart from others though, is the eMagazine which is professionally written and published giving Taylor Irrigation Service a platform to show off their knowledge and expertise in a way that benefits every reader.  It is easy to tell that this is something that John has been looking forward to for a very long time.  “I’m really proud of this and the site now fits in with our want to change the way we think about irrigation in Houston, in Texas and in the entire country for that matter,” he was quoted as saying.  “We have to get a handle on water usage and how we apply water to our landscapes because ten years from now we are going to look back at the blatant waste of water and the inefficient sprinkler systems that we were using today and ask ourselves why.”

Taylor Irrigation Service looks to be at the forefront of both water conservation as well as educating customers.  We look forward to seeing what they do next.

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  1. October 22, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Can’t wait to check the new site!!

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